Platinum Age Defying Sheet Mask
Give your skin an instant glow with shimmering colloidal platinum and peptides! Colloidal platinum enhances your skin’s natural radiance by helping to balance skin and reduce the damage done by free radicals that can cause premature aging. Peptides only add...
Avocado Ultra-Hydrating Sheet Mask
Soak in the yummy benefits of avocado and honey! This smoothing and hydrating power couple help to replenish moisture and repair dull, thirsty skin. Infused with key nutrients like vitamin E, avocado helps deeply hydrate and rejuvenate skin while honey...
Evening Primrose Sheet Mask
Give stressed skin the attention it needs! Help restore and replenish dry, dull skin with evening primrose. Packed with omega-6 fatty acids, this unique ingredient helps rebuild skin for a smoother, more hydrated and youthful looking complexion. Our soft, biodegradable...
Anti-Pollution Revitalizing Sheet Mask
Hit rewind on pesky free radical damage done by pollution and other environmental factors! Rich in free radical fighting antioxidants, prickly pear helps skin repair and defend against damage that comes from pollution and other environmental factors. With an added...
Watermelon Hydrating Sheet Mask
A sweet treat that’s not just for hot summer days! Watermelon might be a summer-time staple, but it deserves to be a skin care one too. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, it helps calm inflammation, hydrate and brighten for luminous...
Dew You Bundle
What It Does  Show off your glow with this ultra-hydrating bundle from Miss Spa! Nourishing ingredients like avocado, prickly pear and watermelon help hydrate and repair skin for a dewy and refreshed complexion.  Sheet mask material is made from biodegradable...
Total Skin Clarity Bundle
What It Does  Reveal your best complexion with Miss Spa’s Total Skin Clarity Bundle! Packed with ingredients like fruit enzymes, lactic acid and retinol that work with your skin to exfoliate, smooth and soften for a flawless look.    Sheet mask material is made from...
Hydration Station Routine Bundle
Hydration Station Routine Bundle A weekly routine to boost your skin's moisture content, defend against moisture loss, and soothe dry skin.  Targets: Dryness, Rough Patches, Inflammation Power Player Key Ingredients Sweet Geranium Oil is a natural antioxidant that works to protect and strengthen...

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