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Replenish and Repair Bundle


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Replenish and Repair Bundle

Nourish your complexion with Miss Spa Replenish and Repair Bundle! These masks recharge skin with vitamin and nutrient packed ingredients to exfoliate, rebuild, moisturize, and soothe skin. Cactus Flower Hydrating sheet mask, Exfoliate Clarifying cotton sheet mask, Evening Primrose Nourishing cotton sheet mask, Avocado Ultra-Hydrating cotton sheet mask, and Anti-Pollution Revitalizing cotton sheet mask give your skin the boost it needs to stay glowing.

1 of each:

Cactus Flower Hydrating Sheet Mask

Exfoliate Clarifying Cotton Sheet Mask

Evening Primrose Nourishing Cotton Sheet Mask

Avocado Ultra-Hydrating Cotton Sheet Mask

Anti-Pollution Revitalizing Cotton Sheet Mask

Easy to use! Apply to clean skin, relax for 20 minutes, remove. Hello, gorgeous! *Includes: Sea Algae, Bakuchiol, Cactus Flower, Rose Stem Cell and Kale Papaya Sheet Masks. *Free from artificial fragrance, paraben and sulfates. Dermatologist tested. Not tested on animals

Replenish and Repair Bundle
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