Let's Be Clear: Acne-Fighting Bundle
Let's Be Clear: Acne Fighting Bundle Keep your skin clean and clear from troubling acne with our Miss Spa Acne Fighter bundle. Exfoliate, detoxify, control breakouts, and treat blemishes right when they pop up! The Detox facial sheet mask deeply penetrates...
Soften Foot Treatment
Miss Spa - Softening Foot Treatment Treat tootsies to the ultimate at-home spa experience. Miss Spa® Soften Foot Treatments envelop skin in rich moisture to smooth and pamper dry, cracked feet and heels.(package design may vary) Directions 1. Separate booties...
Extract Pore Strips
Blackheads have met their match! Our Extract Pore Strips come in two different shapes for targeted blackhead removal. Edge out pesky blackheads on the forehead, chin, nose, jawline and more. Ingredients like charcoal lift and remove debris while Witch Hazel...
Hydrate + Boost Hydrogel Lip Mask
Miss Spa - Hydrate + Boost Hydrogel Lip Mask  Lip lines have you frowning? Boost and plump your pout with our Hydrate + Boost Gel Lip Treatment! Soothe and restore lips to their youthful glory with our special blend of powerful...
Renewal Hydrogel Eye Treatment
Miss Spa - Renewal Hydrogel Eye Treatment Give your eyes a boost! Enriched with pearl extract and skin-replenishing botanicals, this mask delivers a boost of moisture to hydrate and soften. Convenient under-eye mask format takes the mess out of targeting...
Chin Hero Soothing V-Line Patch
Miss Spa - Chin Hero Soothing V-Line Patch  Save your skin from pesky blemishes along your cheeks and jawline! Infused with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, this unique chin patch helps to soothe irritation from breakouts and calm skin. Blemish-fighting ingredients tea tree oil and...
Chin Lift Firming V-Line Patch
Miss Spa - Chin Lift Firming V-Line Patch Keep your chin up and leave worries behind! Help your skin look it’s best with this unique chin lifting patch. Infused with rebuilding peptides and lavender that help boost skin elasticity and...
Banish Blemish Microneedle Acne Patches
Leave pimples behind! The overnight answer to problematic skin, these microneedle patches help minimize pimples and combat acne at their source. Packed with our favorite acne-fighting ingredients, these unique patches contain microneedles made from sodium hyaluronate and salicylic acid which...
Star Power Hydrocolloid Blemish Patches
Steal the spotlight back from your blemishes! Help diminish the appearance of pimples and promote healing with star-shaped, vegan hydrocolloid patches. These show-stopping patches draw out oil and sebum from your blemishes, leaving them on the patches instead of your skin.  Your complexion will be sparkling like a shooting star.  Packaging will vary. 
Pretty Pimple Butterfly Hydrocolloid Blemish Patches
Transform those blemishes into butterflies! Help diminish the appearance of pimples and promote healing with butterfly-shaped, vegan hydrocolloid patches. These colorful patches draw out oil and sebum from your blemishes, leaving them on the patches instead of your skin. Pop on a butterfly and reveal a shimmering complexion!   Packaging will vary. 
Maskne Defense Soothing Facial Patch
Watch out maskne! You don’t have to fear redness and irritation any longer, this soothing facial patch is here. This patch is packed with anti-inflammatory tea tree to help reduce redness, calm blemishes and shield skin from irritation that comes with the wearing of protective face coverings. The perfect combination of hydrating sodium hyaluronate, aloe...
3D Max Lift Double Chin Firming Mask
What it does  Get a chin-stant lift! Achieve a firmer looking, sculpted appearance with this innovative 3D double chin firming mask, that helps lift and tone skin. Infused with age-defying ginseng and juniper extract, moisturizing hydrogel delivers ingredients deep into your skin. The end result...
Deep Freeze Cryotherapy Roller
Channel your inner chill! Indulge yourself with a cooling massage that instantly gives you a refreshed, sculpted look. Made with 100% stainless steel, this innovative roller naturally stays cool and won’t trap bacteria, giving spa-level cryotherapy results. Designed to combine...

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