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Get high-end light therapy treatment for your skin right in the comfort of your home.

Meet Your Light Therapist Set

Help achieve radiant skin with the ultimate in lifting and smoothing. Start with Miss Spa® Sculpt Lift + Firm Serum to infuse skin with plumping and hydrating ingredients that help promote a firmer complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

What it does

Our Overachiever LED Light Therapy Wand provides targeted light therapy and microcurrent massage treatments anytime you want.

  • Microcurrent Massage: sends pulses through skin to relax, tone & tighten
  • LED Therapy: penetrates skin at the different wavelengths to help rejuvenate your skin

See Better Results with the
Lift + Firm Serum

The LED light therapy and micro-current massage applications are further enhanced by properly hydrated and moist skin.

We recommend combining the use of the light tool with our specially formulated serums to help accelerate your results.

Light Therapy Guide

Each light emits a specific wavelength to target different skin concerns:

BLUE for blemishes
RED for fine lines
GREEN for dark spots
YELLOW for redness and inflammation
PINK for brightening and even skin tone
FLASHING PINK for deeper nutrient penetration
NO LIGHT for lifting and plumping

**Not a medical device, used for cosmetic purposes only.

How to use

FACE: Staring at the center of your chin, glide along jawline to hairline. Continue to glide from inside of face outward.

NECK: massage upward from collar to jaw

  • Apply a lightweight, hydrating serum first (Miss Spa® Sculpt Hydrate + Restore Serum)
  • Skin should be wet during the entire treatment to allow device to easily glide
  • Always keep all four microcurrent nodes in contact with skin
  • Repeat every 3 days for first few weeks, then 2x a week.

What people are saying...

Wish I could give this stuff ten stars!

I've been using this stuff for about a month, and oh mylanta, it's amazing. My skin feels smooth, firm and surprisingly hydrated after every use. Definitely will be repurchasing the serum!

- Christine

It works, period.

Moisturizing was not enough. My first time using this serum with the LED tool, I saw amazing results. I will be ordering more. Love it.

- Pam

The best!

First time that I write a review about a face product. I was surprised by the results. I have used many devices before but nothing like this!! I love it!! Reduces redness, brightened and firmed up my skin a lot.

- Heidi

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