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Uptight Roll On Neck + Chest Serum
Find your treasure chest! Help your décolleté and neck area with robust ingredients including Niacinamide (vitamin B3), probiotics, lemon verbena, and green tea extract. All ingredients work together to help tighten, hydrate, and smooth skin. Featuring a roll-on applicator that...
CHEST FRIENDS Age Defying Décolletage Patch
What it does Side sleepers, let’s get a few things off your chest. Helps hydrate and firm skin to reduce the appearance of lines and creases on your décolletage. Innovative silicone patch traps in hydration helping to plump, smooth and...
The Overachiever LED Light Therapy Tool
What it does It’s you and your skin on the same wavelength! Sculpt by Miss Spa LED Light Therapy tool delivers targeted light therapy and microcurrent massage treatments to help promote the appearance of clear, plump and rejuvenated skin without...
Roller Dermy Microneedling Set for Face + Body
What it does Microneedle, maximum results. Roll your way to skin that looks smoother and more luminous with Roller Dermy Microneedling Set for Face + Body. By creating micro-punctures in skin’s surface this microneedle helps reduce the look of fine...
Roll With It Germanium Massaging Roller
What it does  Roll, lift and firm your way to flawless looking skin! This unique roller gives skin a workout to help revive dull skin and reduce the look of fine lines to reveal a smooth, sculpted complexion. Harnessing the power of 30 germanium powder-infused stones, this massager works to...
I’m The Balm Firming Body Cream
You’re the Balm! Help to firm and smooth skin with our new body balm! Brimming with powerful ingredients like coffee, guarana, and lemon verbena, that help to naturally tighten skin, increase blood flow, and help with inflammation. And smells delightful...
SAYONARA SCARS Scar Fading Body Patch
What it does Help rejuvenate and hydrate skin to minimize the appearance of scars and marks anywhere on your body. Innovative silicone patch traps in hydration helping to plump, smooth and moisturize skin. Helps to reduce the appearance of fine...
Tone + Refresh Leg Cream
Smooth those luscious legs! Infused with collagen, moringa and rosehip oil this cream helps tone and refresh tired legs for a smooth, glowing appearance.  
Tone + Firm Arm Cream
Help firm upper arm skin with Horse Chestnut and Tiger Grass extracts for a toned appearance. Horse Chestnut extract helps reduce inflammation while Tiger Grass extract helps invigorate skin elasticity, both help promote the look of tighter, more toned skin!...
Tighten + Tone Tummy Cream
Feel Abs-Solutely confident! Seaweed extract and collagen help your abdominal area appear firm and toned. Seaweed helps to improve skin texture while collagen helps to maintain skin’s elasticity.    
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