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Kale Papaya Cleansing Sheet Mask 4 Pack
Miss Spa - Kale Papaya Cleansing Sheet Mask Superfoods aren’t just for your smoothies! Packed with essential nutrients, Miss Spa Kale Papaya Cleansing Sheet mask deeply purifies and nourishes your skin. Vitamins A and C in kale clear out pores...
Bakuchiol Repairing Facial Sheet Mask 4 pack
Miss Spa — Bakuchiol Repairing Facial Sheet Mask Out with the old retinols and in with the new! Formulated with nature’s plant-based retinol Miss Spa Bakuchiol Repairing Facial Sheet Mask offers the same glow without drying out your skin. Bakuchiol rejuvenates skin...
Bee Venom Facial Sheet Mask 4 Pack
Miss Spa — Best Selling Bee Venom Facial Sheet Mask All the benefits with none of the sting! Packed with antioxidants, bee venom helps to boost the production of natural collagen and elastin and stimulate the healing process. Bee venom hydrates, nourishes...
Hand and Foot Bundle
Miss Spa - Hand and Foot Bundle Your hands and feet need attention too! Loss of moisture and skin dehydration make your hands and feet dry and cracked. This is where our hydrating bundle comes in! Each mask helps boost...
Glow Brightening Sheet Mask 4 Pack
A boost of caffeine + Vitamin C revitalizes for a glowing complexion. It’s time to put your skin in the spotlight! Help fade age spots and sun damage with a boost of Vitamin C for a brighter, more luminous look....
Renew Exfoliating Sheet Mask 4 Pack
Glycolic acid + fruit extracts help remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil. Give your skin a fresh start! Lay back and let exfoliation dream team glycolic acid and fruit extracts work their magic. As glycolic acid gently removes dead...
Clear Skin Enzyme Peel Sheet Mask 4 Pack
Let’s get acne-prone and uneven skin cleared up! No one likes when their skin feels out of control – that’s why this sheet mask is infused AHA and BHA acids to gently exfoliate away pore-blocking oil and help balance skin....
I’m The Balm Firming Body Cream
You’re the Balm! Help to firm and smooth skin with our new body balm! Brimming with powerful ingredients like coffee, guarana, and lemon verbena, that help to naturally tighten skin, increase blood flow, and help with inflammation. And smells delightful...
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